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Our Story

With just a daydream of wanting to create something that was unique to her story and passion, our fire-starter yearned for that out-of-the-ordinary oomph a brand could offer. This, of course, was a far cry from the mechanical churning out of 'fast fashion' that seemed to be taking over the market. A brand that could offer a more personalised, intrinsic product that is in a way truly one of a kind. It was this and her soft spot for denim that steered her into going against all odds to experiment and dream up everything that is ‘The Pigment Edit’!



Whether, it is to stumble upon hidden chances, or to look for unexpected humour or differentiated thinking, our values reflect a sense of simplicity and ease and we translate this into our clothes. Each piece is designed with love and attention and we're here to tell you that NO, they're not all exactly the same! They are each unique and have a story to tell, just as you and I have. And we celebrate this, with each woman who wears our clothes.


We are not crazy about fast fashion! We like the pace of the 'Slow fashion movement' as well as the 'Shop local movement'. All our raw materials are industry spill overs that are too small in quantity to be utilised by large manufacturers. But they fit perfectly into our tiny scheme of things! Our Selvedge Denims (more about that later!) are of the finest quality and we work with sustainable trims the predominant industry forgets about.



We are also constantly working with local talent and artisans, whether it is sewing, wash trials, printing or embroidery. And each of them are superbly brilliant at what they do. Our motto is to promote and encourage the growth of these artisans who make our work come alive. #shoplocal


So! If you’re the kind of woman who steers away from mainstream fashion and who cares about where her clothes come from, give us a whoop. We strive to create thoughtful, unique pieces that you would cherish and which would become part of YOUR story.



                                                       Simplicity Gone Wild.


Selvedge Fabric

SELF-EDGE, equates to the self binding edge of a fabric woven on a shuttle loom, where the shuttle fills the weft yarn by passing back & forth between both sides of the loom. This leaves one continuous yarn at all the edges so that the fabric self seals. These looms usually create a smaller width of fabric, which is just about right for a pair of jeans!

Selvedge denim is a rarity in todays world of mainstream manufacturing.


MOTHER 0F PEARL is an iridescent layer made from the inside of fresh & salt water shells, which give the buttons a distinct iridescent shine that are 100% natural and make them highly sought after!


 The Pigment Edit offers a limited edition customisation on our Nostalgia collection. 

Right from pastel wool hand embroideries on our key pieces to customising your name or other fun quotes you can choose from, onto any of the pieces is the range.

Making it truly unique and definitely one in a million. 

Simplicity gone wild!

check it out here!

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The Pigment Edit

2/2, 5th cross, Hutchins Man Road,

Bangalore 560084  |  Tel: +91-8123091716


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